Testimonial 1

“Since starting with the Be Inspired Foundation (BIF) “X” is more active and is finding getting around easier, also his energy level is higher due to him seeing the dietician and adjusting the diet he was on to a diet more for the exercising he is doing. The food he is eating now makes him feel fuller so he is eating less snack foods than he was before.  He enjoys his sessions with (his exercise physiologist) and now he is going to a group session once a week to try and get him back into the community and around people. He is really very lucky and honoured to be involved with BIF because I can see a change in him in the first 6 months and we are looking forward to the next 6 months for even better results and “X” getting his confidence back.

Thank you once again, we are very lucky to be a part of the Foundation.”

Testimonial 2

“In 2006 (at 5 years old), “Y” was diagnosed with a craniopharyngioma (benign brain tumour) on his pituitary gland.  Following surgery and radiotherapy, he was left with no hormonal function and damage to his hypothalamus.  It has been a long journey trying to control his weight while keeping him healthy and avoiding injuries and illnesses.  Not long before we started the transition to adult services in 2017, we were put in touch with the Be Inspired Foundation (BIF).

“Y” has had a 12-month involvement with BIF and as a result, learnt so much.  His one-on-one engagement sessions has taught him unique life skills in managing his health issues.  He now knows his way around a gym and how to use all the equipment.  He now better understands the impact of his eating choices, and I would say that he has decreased his intake of junk foods by about 80%.  We can’t thank you enough for this support opportunity and all the wonderful people we have worked with along the way.”

BIF Beneficiary - Certificate of Completion (2020) [500x666]

BIF CEO Shane Johnstone and BIF Beneficiary

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