Scholarship Application

Evidence suggests that the act of formally signing up to a scholarship program can foster a sense of empowerment, structure and/or commitment to treatment management plans. The Be Inspired Foundation’s funded services and program will be explained to the beneficiary and all parties will agree on a treatment and engagement plan following a medical case conference. Those from non-English-speaking backgrounds, those with poor english literacy, and similar complex candidates will be afforded appropriate consideration.

Scholarship Application Flow Diagram

Target Beneficiaries Population

  • Youth, under 18 years of age at time of commencement
  • Low socioeconomic bracket, eligible for a Centrelink Health Care Card
  • Would benefit from active rehabilitation (exercise, modified diet and/or counselling) to help treat:
    • Chronic disease
    • Cancer
    • Major Trauma
    • Disability

Target Geographical Locations for Service Delivery

While our target population is the Perth metropolitan area, we also fund services to regionally located beneficiaries.  In the past these have included Bunbury and similar rural locations where teleconference facilities are accessible.

Service Delivery Flow Diagram

Sponsorship Levels

  • We currently offer one sponsorship level to all beneficiaries. In recognition that some applicants may require higher levels of care than others, subject to funding and demand, the Be Inspired Foundation may consider introducing bronze, silver and gold funding levels in the future.
  • The current sponsorship allocates up to $2,000 towards an active rehabilitation treatment plan, to be delivered over a 12-month period.
  • If unused funds remain at the completion of a beneficiaries scholarship period, they are made available to new beneficiaries.


If you have read the above and you feel your child meets the strict target population listed above and you have medical support endorsing the engagement of exercise, diet and/or counselling then please contact us to express interest.

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