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Be Inspired Foundation provides the opportunity for disadvantaged youth in Western Australia living with long term impairments to adopt lifelong coping strategies and improve their quality of life.

Who We Are

The Be Inspired Foundation is a not-for-profit charity established in 2014.

The Board of Directors is a diverse group of young passionate professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to an evidence-based cause which can help improve the quality of life for Western Australian youth living with long-term impairments.

Who We Help

  • Youth under 18 years of age living in WA.
  • Low socioeconomic bracket, eligible for a Centrelink Health Care Card.
  • Would benefit from active rehabilitation (exercise, modified diet and/or counselling) to help treat chronic disease, cancer, disabilities and major trauma.

What We Do

We provide scholarships for active rehabilitation treatment plans to disadvantaged Western Australian youth living with chronic disease, cancer, disabilities or major trauma.

Active rehabilitation services supported include exercise rehabilitation, diet advice and counselling.

The services help beneficiaries to reach maximum medical improvement and reduce permanent impairments with minimal to no ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses.

How Our Programs Make A Difference

  • Restore strength
  • Improve aerobic fitness
  • Manage pain
  • Restore confidence
  • Weight management
  • Sufficient nutrients being consumed
  • Adjustment counselling
  • Interventions that may result in lifelong outcomes

Support When Government Assistance Ends

Currently, the Medicare Benefits Scheme assists Australians living with chronic conditions to access health assistance. Through this system the beneficiary receives a Chronic Disease Management plan under the coordination of their General Practitioner. This only covers the expenses to access five rebates across all allied health disciplines to a value of approximately $53 each, per calendar year (Dept of Health, 2014).

Of particular concern are patients who come from financially stressed families not able to cover ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses after support systems have been exhausted and require further support.

Chronic conditions often require ongoing treatment and some families do not have funds available to treat complex conditions or injuries which require a higher level of professional support.

Families living in the most disadvantaged areas also report much lower rates of private health insurance coverage than those living in the least disadvantaged areas (28% compared with 75%) (ABS, 2010).

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